Coronavirus (COVID-19) support

Here are just a few of the things that we are doing here at DesignedVR to keep our customers & staff safe during the age of covid-19: Thorough cleaning and disinfection after every guest, Social Distancing policies are in effect, Smart locks that allow for self-check-in, as well as limiting contact with staff, and 24-hour support for all guests. 

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Acquistion Partnership
June 24, 2021
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When Selling Makes Sense: 


Whether you are retiring, trying to find a more balanced work-life balance, or need some help keeping up with the increasing complexity of the vacation rental industry, selling your company to DesignedVR is the right move.


We understand the importance and sensitivity of transitioning your company. It’s for that reason that we have a team that is there to assist you at every step. With our experience helping many vacation rental company owners in the past, you can trust that we will guide you, your employees, and the clients through the process smoothly.


Contact us for more information on the process — we’ll keep all communication confidential and on your terms.


We Care For Your Owners: 


Vacation rental management is about building relationships with homeowners, and we strive to provide a positive experience for your homeowners. Here’s how they could benefit from moving to DesignedVR:


  • DesignedVR’s industry-leading marketingBy providing the tools your owners need to compete in the rapidly evolving vacation rental industry, we invest in everything from expertly crafted online listings to 3D virtual tours.


  • Make more money by using DesignedVR: We provide our homeowners with world-class, exclusive technologies to improve their nights’ earnings and fill their travel calendars.


  • DesignedVR is local! Our South Florida communities are managed by local teams, so we would like your employees to stay on and provide the great care your owners have become accustomed to.

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We Care About You! 


If you decide to stay with DesignedVR, we’ll let you focus on what you do best. Your time will be freed up by our central support team who will handle guest bookings, housekeeping, vacation rental pricing, data analytics, taxes, permits, and finance.


A number of the vacation rental business owners we’ve worked with have continued their relationship as real estate partners, or have changed careers into business development or community management.


If you choose to move on to another chapter, relax knowing that your employees and business will be taken care of.