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Top 5 Vegan Restaurants in SoFlo
August 15, 2021
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  1. Screaming Carrots


Located in Hallandale Beach, Screaming Carrots is known as a Cheerful, health-conscious fixture serving up eclectic vegan dishes made with organic ingredients.


  1. SoBe Vegan


SoBe Vegan, located in Fort Lauderdale, offers a wide variety of great tasting food – that happens to be vegan! Their mission is to provide you with fresh, healthy, and delicious food so that you never have to choose between what is better tasting and what is better for you.


  1. C4 Eats


Based in Hollywood, C4Eats’ Blow ‘N Up Vegan Food offers a diverse variety of organic, pesticide free ingredients without sacrificing flavor.


  1. Delicious Raw Kitchen & Juice Bar


Offering 4 locations between Broward and Dade County, Delicious Raw is a sanctuary for anyone who wants to improve their wellbeing and quality of life. Our wellness shots provide targeted nutritional boosts throughout the day. We also make delicious, highly nutritious juices and smoothies — always with fresh fruit and vegetables — as well as enticing food and snack alternatives, all day long.



  1. Green Bar & Kitchen


Minimalist, modern cafe for health-focused, sustainable & vegan-friendly meals, plus wine & beer. This restaurant provides rich-in-flavor, wholesome, plant-based food that has a positive impact on your overall body and well-being, without compromising taste or satisfaction.





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