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Here are just a few of the things that we are doing here at DesignedVR to keep our customers & staff safe during the age of covid-19: Thorough cleaning and disinfection after every guest, Social Distancing policies are in effect, Smart locks that allow for self-check-in, as well as limiting contact with staff, and 24-hour support for all guests. 

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To Invest or Not To Invest: Q&A Style Article
August 15, 2021

To Invest or Not To Invest 

By: Miranda Moody

Summertime is here and the need for vacations is at a high, but how can someone else’s need for a vacation benefit you? Becoming an investor in real estate and vacation rentals is a new and exciting opportunity. 


As a new player in the real estate investor game, and even as a seasoned professional, there are some questions everyone should ask when starting on a new investment adventure. Some questions include: 


Q: What is the best real estate investment strategy for me? 

A: There are many investment options when it comes to real estate investments. Being one of the most common beginner real estate investment questions does not stop the answer from being confusing.


Depending on how much time and money you want to put in, DesignedVR can help you find the property right for you.


Q: How do I find a profitable investment property? 

A: To find a profitable investment property, there are a few things that you need to look into, such as the city, neighborhood, and investment property. 


To successfully find a property to invest in you need to know how to find investment properties. DesignedVR has an entire team dedicated to finding the perfect property for you to put your money into. 


Q: Do I need a real estate agent when buying a property? 

A: Where you can purchase an investment property by yourself, it is highly recommended that you use a real estate agent – especially when you are new to the processes. Having and using a real estate agent will reduce your stress, as well as make sure that you comply with all the requirements. 


DesignedVR has an intricate real estate agent network where we can find the home that is most profitable for you. 


Q: How will I determine the rent to charge for my property? 

A: Determining the rent price of your investment property is one of the most important questions to answer as an investor. It not only tells you how long it will take to make back your money, but how much your investment will continue to grow. 


DesignedVR has a full 360° management, handling everything from finding you a profitable property to pricing and renting out the property (as well as everything in-between).


Q: Who pays the utility bills? 

A: Unless otherwise specified, paying the utility bills is usually the responsibility of the homeowner.


DesignedVR’s 360° management includes paying property bills with funds provided by investors. 


Q: What if the tenant causes damage to my property?

A: Arguably, the most common worry for an owner of a rental property is: what if a tenant causes property damage? Property damage can range from soiled sheets, clogged pipes, damaged furniture, etc.


DesignedVR’s 360° management includes: collecting a security deposit from tenants at the time of check-in, to dealing with property damage after check-out. 


Q: Should I make any improvements before renting it out? 

A: The return on investment has the potential to be higher when the property being rented has been renovated and cleaned. Rental properties that are clean and have modern appliances have the opportunity to be rented quicker and at a higher rate. 


DesignedVR has an entire team dedicated to interior design. Their job is to modernize each property, creating a comfortable and luxurious atmosphere.


Q: Should I hire professional property management? 

A: Owning and maintaining a vacation rental can be very time-consuming and tedious. Some things that need to be done as a “property manager” are: Finding tenants, maintenance and repair work, tenant issues, and more. 


DesignedVR’s 360° management style includes an entire department dedicated to property management.


DesignedVR is the full-service, well-rounded company that you want to manage your investment.


For more information contact us by clicking this link and scrolling to the bottom on the page: 

Vacation rental economic trends
August 15, 2021
Home buyer resources

5 Trends To Watch For In The Vacation Rental Industry 2021

By: Nicholas Giordano


There’s no better time to join the industry than now; let me show you what to expect this year!

1. Self-Check-In’s Are In!

Self-check-in and other in-house entertainment and services have become even more compelling for both property managers and guests because of social distancing. As a result of illegal COVID-19 house parties, security solutions such as noise monitoring have gained increased popularity.

2. Vacation Rentals Will Out-Perform Hotels!

Within a decade or two, vacation rentals will overtake hotels, reshaping the hospitality industry.

3. Travelers Want To Cook!

iPropertyManagement found that 71% of travelers with children preferred being able to cook their own food, which was a major reason why they preferred vacation rentals.

4. Unique Living Options Are The Way To Go!

71% of millennials prefer a nontraditional rental, according to a recent report by Vrbo. A generation of young people in America is becoming increasingly interested in unique living options like teepees, igloos, travel boats, and tiny houses.

5. Longer Stay = Win-Win!

There was an increase of 23% in listings for rentals with terms no longer than six months between March 1 and May 21 according to Zillow. Property owners and tenants benefit from this arrangement. The decline in tourism this year has led to more vacation homeowners looking for tenants who would be willing to live in their properties for longer than a year.


Here’s hoping you can turn these tidbits of information into a profitable venture!


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Why Managing A Property On Your Own Is A Mistake
August 15, 2021

By: Nicholas Giordano


Suppose you manage your property without the assistance of a property management company. In that case, property management will occupy your time constantly, and you could have easily used that time to educate yourself, do research, or invest in new properties. Managing the property firsthand may save you money, but your most valuable possession, your time, will be lost. Sadly, time is often overlooked in favor of wealth. The vital thing to keep in mind is that you can never create more time while generating income. Therefore, it just makes sense to seek the help of a property management company.


Property managers may seem like an unattractive alternative to landlords because of the fee they charge. Still, it’s essential to recognize that they can often outweigh the expenses in many cases.


Taking care of everything from property showings, tenant screening, and lease preparation and maintenance, they’ll not only save you from a world of a hassle but also significantly reduce your time spent managing properties. Professional investors find this opportunity particularly valuable-and you might be interested in taking advantage of it as well.


So what’s the verdict? Is it better to hire a property manager or to do it yourself? Are you making a huge mistake if you manage your properties?


To put it simply, it depends!


Choosing a property manager is ultimately influenced by three factors: your goals, your preferences, and your investment style.


You may find that owning one or two properties in your hometown doesn’t bother you since you can spend some time doing maintenance or managing them yourself on the weekend.


However, if you realize that you’re in over your head, or you’d instead focus your energy elsewhere -or if you’d like to expand your portfolio of properties -then you’ll want to hire a property manager.


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South Florida real estate analysis
August 15, 2021

                Invest In South Florida Real Estate

By: Nicholas Giordano


Are you considering investing in a South Florida vacation rental? If so, look no further; South Florida is one of the country’s most desirable holiday and vacation destinations. Real estate in South Florida is seeing a resurgence as many Americans flock to the sunshine state.


Currently, due to the surge of new Floridians, housing inventory has fallen throughout South Florida. According to the Miami Association of Realtors single-family homes in Miami-Dade County, inventory is down 50.7%, Broward County down 53.5%, and Palm Beach County down 47.44% compared to last year.


Despite lower inventory, real estate prices are up compared to previous years. South Florida’s home values have increased by an average of 7.8%. Miami-Dade County’s single-family home median sale price is up 33.1%, Broward County’s is up 24.5%, and Palm Beach County’s is up 30.14%. With prices rising in South Florida, the window to get a great deal is rapidly closing. 


In addition to real estate prices rising, the number of travelers hasn’t slowed down either. reported that 79.7 million people visited Florida in 2020. In just the first quarter of 2021, 25.56 million people visited Florida, an increase of 38% over the previous quarter.


Essentially, don’t miss your opportunity to buy a home or a condo in 2021 as the prices are only going to rise! 


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The Owners Portal Explained
July 29, 2021

The DesignedVR owner’s dashboard allows the owner to view the occupancy rate and price per booking. Also available to view are cap and cash on cash rates, net income, and listing performance.


Owners can view their revenue breakdown by month or year, the average daily rate of rental. In addition, the owner can view an analysis of revenue from each booking source and a complete breakdown of all expenses.


In the breakdown of expenses, the owner can individually view each service, such as the details and cost of repairs and when tenants removed the garbage. Each vacation rental comes equipped with a smart thermostat and a decibel monitor accessible via the dashboard.


At DesignedVR, we pride ourselves on being transparent and easy to work with. Contact us if you have any questions about our dashboard or would like to become a partner.